Saturday, October 31


Happy Halloween.....

woo to get me some Vampire teeth!

Tuesday, October 13


It has been a really busy time of late and it is nice to have a few moments to gather my thoughts and come here and share them.

The theatre company has really been in a blur. We have a production readying for performance " The Shadows Project"
A wonderful blend of storytelling, history, mixed media and the youth of Tumbleweeds, we are all really excited.

I have also found pieces of my scattered extended family after 20 years. I am so excited to be in touch with my half sister and her little baby girl and mom. There was a death in the family and a gift and this all led to us connecting finally. What a cool and tremendous thing to find a kindred spirit in family you didn't really even know about.

I can not believe how the weather has changed on a dime aorund here. It was sunny and dry and lovely fr so long, it seemed Winter would never creep in and then....thunk...the cold arm of night now leads longer through the day and it is wintery and blustery and cold.

Bring on the snow I say!

Thanksgiving saw me at myMom's and making a pumpkin pie from a little sugar pumpkin I grew in our veggie patch. it was sooooooo good :) I am sorry you all couldn't taste it.

It is really great to see how many of you drop in and check out this blog. Perhaps you would consider leaving a comment or two? it is nice to have a conversation with you as wll as writing down my thoughts.