Monday, June 18

Outrage picks up a pen.

I have had this blog for ten years now. That is hard to believe, and for the most part it has been a place for my creative thoughts and my travels. Today it is a place for my outrage.

I look at world events, and often am disheartened, called to some form of action, and try to do what I can about the rights of women and children being eroded globally.
Sometimes it feels overwhelming, and other days there is hope.

Today feels different. Today in the United States asylum seeking children and their families are bring torn apart, parents thrown into holding pens, children being swept up and stored like goods in warehouses and tents. Those who try to point fingers to deflect blame are complicit. We must, as a Global authority hold the US accountable for these disgusting and inhuman actions.  We must make our Global voices heard.
There are many organizations trying to do that, but this one, is the one I am supporting today. They are in the trenches trying to do everything they can legally, to help the asylum seeking families. Wherever you choose to use you voice... Do it. This is not a time to wonder if you should get involved.

This mother is removing her little one's shoe laces as required, before her daughter is taken from her. You should be sickened and outraged. Do something!