Sunday, December 27

New year to write...

I am reasserting my efforts to a few words here each day. The Shadows Project took over most of my brain for a long time, but here I am, newly creative once more and wanting to be writing.

What gets you thinking creatively...daydreaming...feeling whinsical?
I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

They came....and they went

and in a blink that holiday we all gear up for, is over.
A new year beckons and I am soooooo full of good food.

I would love to write more and share pics, but I have turkey exhaustion and am going to sleep.

Monday, December 14


It is here, my favourite thing in the world Snow!!!!!!!
Going out to play.

Thank you Snow Queen!

Sunday, December 6

It is here....

Holidays come , they come quickly.

The rush, the cold, the shiny sparkly things everywhere.
I know I must sound about 5, but I love this time of year.
Now don't get me wrong, Il love it because I do not shop.
I do not go to malls.
I do not go out amongst all the shopping insanity.

I do however make things.
Cozy up by the fire, furries and Daiv around and baskets of wool, sewing, name it.

We started this tradition about 12 years ago, and it never becomes old. We grew weary of the commercialism and hallmark holiday. We did not have much money....we needed to change things up.....
First year we made Xmas ornaments for everyone and for our tree. We couldn't possibly afford all the things needed to decorate a we made them, and shared those things, twig stars, plaster of paris poured into star molds and gold leafed, wax eggs, dipped and rubbed to a sheen.

Our making things have started traditions amongst our family and friends. Christmas morning for many now starts with sour dough muffins and Daiv's famous cashew butter ( and if we don't make it, we hear about ).
Fresh ground cashew butter is made for all friends and relations, along with caramel corn, and ginger bread cookies.

I have a few friends now who I get together with to bake and share the work through is twice the fun.

These are what the holidays have come to mean to me....time with friends creating, laughing, and working towards sharing with even more friends and family.

It is cosy and loving and full of the sights, smells and sounds of an old fashioned Christmas.
I always wanted to live in the movie " Meet Me in St. Louis" and now I look around and realize we have sort of done exactly that.
We have brought an old fashioned sensibility to the the modern day holiday.
I still speak the words " Merry Christmas" , regardless of the " PCness" of it.
For me it has nothing to do with religion. It has everything to do with the sense of nostalgia those words evoke and the warmth and simplicity of holidays of yore.

So try it..when the holidays get hectic and you get lost in the modern bells and whistles, slow down...take a moment over a hot cocoa and think about the time off we have to connect with those whom we love ( even the dysfunctional parts ), maybe bake them some cookies.
Gotta run, hot chocolate calls me by the fire.