Saturday, February 26

Smell that? Me neither.

When I find something I love I do have a tendency to shout about it from the rafters. I just get so damned excited.

Some of you will remember my discovery of fridge smarts by Tupperware and my demos of 3 week old, 'snap fresh'
Today I am shouting out about the cleaning products from Norwex.

My samples were delivered to me by my friend Angela who also represents these products and that night
I cleaned my enormous bathroom  mirror with a an antibacterial cloth, dampened with just water.
I was skeptical, really  seriously skeptical, but in about 7 big swipes and  a quick wipe over with the polishing cloth, no streaks, and crystal clear- sparkling.
Where was the struggle, the sweat?
Where was the endless futile wipes to clean this surface of lint and the overpowering smell of windex or vinegar?
Seriously, if cleaning could be this easy, I could become a convert and spend more time doing this....lollolol
My partner is also becoming a huge fan. The mop system is winning the battle of dust and hair with our furries. This is a REALLY  big deal in our house.
I have not see a fur tumbleweed for a week. There is simply less dust. I am sold.

So I am sharing......cause..well.....these are worth it.
here are some reviews of the products...

and here is my friend's website

I am having a gathering for demos etc, but if you are not a joiner type, try this on your own.
Fewer chemicals in our world, while maintaining clean environments is a good thing.