Sunday, July 13

New York New York....and all things NY

Okay so I am recently back from my first adventure of the summer to New York City and Philadelphia.

I wanted to write it all down in one place as it was such a big adventure but you will have to bare with me, I am going to do it in sort of a reverse diary...going back in time and starting with day 1...

day 1 June 19th, 2008
Leave victoria at 4:00am..ugh, no sleep following a show going up that I directed on the 18th...a busy time.

We fly into Philadelphia on one of those little airbuses that gets you there but offers very little for amenities, including two working broke down and we had line ups up the aisle for the only other remaining toilet for 6 hours.

Arrive in Philly...yay safely, and transfer bodies and luggage to our rental van. D and I are travelling with my Mom and R, her husband, and he is treating us to this vacation.

Drive mostly uneventfully to step sis and her hubby E and their 2 children's place in the area of Richboro PA, about an hour NE of Philly and visit and catch up on sleep.

impressions...a lot of driving to get!
It is beautiful though and a lot...A LOT  of flags and bunting.

Friday June my mom and D and I to outlet mall for shopping. Really what else do you do????

D, being a better shopper than my mom and I, purchases a whole new wardrobe from perry ellis and ralph lauren for what some might spend on a pair of jeans...nice sales! Considering he packed 1 pair of pants, 1 tee shirt, 1 pair of boxers and socks, and 1 suit jacket for 12 days ( really Kimmee it's all I'll need) was good we shopped...MEN! he also needed to purchase a new duffel bag as the SMALL knapsack he brought was not big enough to get said purchases to NY.

Myself I opt for looky-looing and cotton bras.  let's hear it for Lane Bryant!
Not exciting but soooooo comfy in the heat.
OI the heat, have I mentioned that yet?
94 degrees and 74% humidity...OI the heat.

really diving from one air conditioned environment to another is the only way to be.

We borrowed H ( step sis's) car and the family GPS device, Garmin.....
what a trip...I got used to hearing " recalculating" a lot.....and found our way there and back with minimal effort.
Oh forgot...We had a great lunch first. H took us out to local vegan restaurant...yummmm and aside from a delightful, puking 18  month old ( my nephew) it was a good meal. The D and Mom and I took off to outlet mall.

The day went on without incident and had yummy BBQ and video night.

Day 3, June 21st
D and I drive, alone, into Philly for day........just me and daiv the borrowed car and the Garmin...can you gues how many times we heard 're calculating" from it over the day?

to be cont....

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  1. nice to hear Daiv likes to travel light....Oh man it hurts!! Musta thought he was still in the 60's traveling!!
    I know how brutal the heat and humidity is in the eastern US!!


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