Saturday, May 30

I think I can, I think I can...

Just what makes that damn little ant,....think he can move a ...


Seriously..this little ant was very determined and dragged this apparently dead ( killed) , caterpillar up to a rail and then down the rail...stopping to umm....drink a little nourishment along the way.

(click on pics to make larger)

Thursday, May 28

Archie asks Veronica to marry him..a sign of the times?

I am shocked and appalled.
Archie finally chooses Veronica over Betty after 67 years of waffling.
I am more shocked that in this article... " Archie asks Veronica"
a Uvic Prof mentions it is a good choice to marry the spoiled rich girl in our current uncertain economy.

WTF????? How is that okay?

I have strong feelings about this and hope that Archie comes to his senses before the August nuptials...

Still holding out hope that he will see Betty, realize his mistake, ask her to marry him instead and she says "Screw you, no way, I will not be your doormat!"
That would rock....than Betty and Veronica say "see ya" to Archie once and for all.

Archie in turn realizes it is Jughead he loves and they get married instead :)

Ya....that is how it should be.

Wednesday, May 27

colour a life...

An Artist...
lives the world,
through the wash of a paint brush
a pulsing palette
a hue/tone/grade of shade

A Suit
lives in tonal washes
the world in shades of gray
blind to the pulse
of a playful palette

A Child
lives the hues that please
that smile
to the absence of dark
a crayola palette of companion colours

I live the rainbow...
the dark and the light
the interplay of shadows
the warmth, the cool upon the floor
The crayola box spilled into the murk of night

What do you see?

Tuesday, May 26


Raindrops drip,
drippling down
droppling down around,
and the sound
reminds me to wear,
closed shoes!

Monday, May 25

Bonjour Mes Amies!

I have been thinking a lot of my time in seems the further away from it I get, the more I realize how much I love it.

I was taken aback originally by the costs ( okay you bleed money in Paris, just know that ahead of time) and by the very uprightness of the city.

Now as I reflect upon it, I am also seeing behind the veneer of Paris a little better.

The warmth in people's face as I worked to speak their language, the welcoming smells from every nook and cranny.....(so much pastry) The sheer volume of art....
A city that respects its art that much has got to be doing something right.

Here are a few pics of "My Paris"!
A growing love affair of the senses


Tuesday, May 19

Good things do come...

to those who squeak the wheel :)

My theatre company has finally been recognized for their hard work and creative talent and have been given a grant for our current project "The Shadows"

After almost 10 years of working steadilly away to create something wonderful with the youth and team I have...I am over the moon to have this particular stamp o f corporate approval for the work these talented youth are creating.

Yay to the City of Victoria for taking a chance on us..

Yay to Marika for writing a fantastic application.

Yay to Bruno for being part of the cog that holds this machine together :)

and Yay to Tumbleweeds Theatre Company!

Next stop The Shadows...coming on this;
check it out Tumbleweedstheatre "The Shadows"

Saturday, May 16


They only come once a year and they happen to each and every one of us. I love them.
Celebrate mine for about a week....

Remember when we were little and the planning and invites and special themes?
Then there were the happy faces when you got an invite
....or that left out feeling when the last one was handed out and you didn't?

Birthdays have become a Hallmark day, but they are STILL the one day when you get to have your cake and eat it too :)

hee hee hee
Happy Birthday to me!

Thursday, May 14

Jane Goodall on bear hunting in British Columbia

I am grateful and embarrassed that someone who has worked so hard to protect endangered species from poaching and trophy/animal parts peddling, hunting around the world, needs to speak on behalf of the bears that live in my own home province of British Columbia.

Please click on this link "Jane Goodall on bears" and make your voice heard with our new/old government. The trophy hunting of these beautiful creatures must end.

Our voices do matter and we can make a difference in the lives of these majestic animals.

Thanks you for taking the time to read this and watch the video.


Sunlit Fingers
Warm the earth.
The bud reaches out
To meet the yellow,
With a kiss.

Wednesday, May 13

Kitty is out of the tree!

Yay for the powers of a really tall ladder ( finally) and a can of tuna.

PETA was the only organization that responded to the outcry for help.
They spoke with the property owner and set up a couple of things to help bring the cat down.

Now the work begins to TNR same kitty, but it has access too food and water and is no longer in a tree.


Tuesday, May 12

Have you ever seen such a perfect bloom?

This beauty is growing in my garden and I can not believe its perfect splendour.
I have never seen such a perfect heart in a Bleeding heart, "Dicentra"

Nature is an amazing thing!

Kitty stuck in a tree in Connecticut needs our help

A cat has been up a tree for almost 2 weeks.
Media, police, Firedep't have all been called...nothing has been done.
Tree trimmers called, charging $250 for job and still nothing is being done.

It is so upsetting to think upon this little scared cat, becoming ill from lack of food and water, being left to die in a tree....

Please write and call the following first selectman and flood their inboxes.

We can bring a positive outcome to this , but we need to speak now...
Essex Town Hall
29 West Avenue
Essex, CT 06426

This is the email I have sent....

To Phil Miller
First Selectman
Essex, Connecticut;

There is a kitty stuck 50 ft high in a tree in ( street address edited out ) Ivoryton, Connecticut AND STILL THERE!
This has been going on for almost two weeks , media, fire dep't, and animal control have all been contacted and yet, this kitty remains in this tree with no one willing to do what needs to be done to bring it down.

It is so shameful that a small town can not pull together and get one scared, and becoming fatally ill with lack of food and water, Kitty out of a tree.
It could be be the inspiration to bring a community together, instead it is quickly becoming a life and death situation for that kitty.
What does this teach our children about compassion and community.

Please bring together the resources necessary to put an end to this situation and get this cat to a vet. asap
Every minute counts.

Sincerely, Kimberly ******** *********

Monday, May 11

Monday, Monday

Dog nose spooch
stretch and yawn
the curtains wave their greeting
a new day begins.

Sunday, May 10

Happy Mothers Day

Thinking upon all the amazing women I know.

Some who have offered guidance through the years,
- others who nourish my soul in wonderful ways; friends, sisters, mentors, all who have played a role in who I am today and as I hope to have done for them.

But most of all to my mom "Mumzie" who gave me the freedom to discover who I was meant to be, and who makes sure every magical footstep, large and small, is treasured.

I raise a glass and toast each and every one of you!

Friday, May 8


Why is it when you can go to bed early, you never do, but when you must rise in the just don't want to?

I am up against my better judgement and heading to class and all my body is saying is...

"more comfy please?

Sigh..not today...maybe later, I will have to remember to go to bed early

Thursday, May 7

Yes..another post of pics...but I like this slideshow....enjoy with sound on

Wednesday, May 6

Snap happy

I am obsessed with my new camera.
The quality of the images, the colour saturation..the cuteness of the subject matter...lolo
Canon rebel rocks...

here is a little snippet of what it can do...

Tuesday, May 5

In honour of Mother's Day

The next few days will be about the wonderful things Mom's do....of every species..

Do have a look at what one canine Mom can accomplish and enjoy...

click on this- dog and kittens...

Monday, May 4


There are some people that you meet and they leave an impression on you for a time and then you never really feel a connection with them again.

There are others who touch our lives in big and small ways, only to end with diverging paths and yet...that connection exists forever.
You must know what I am talking about?

*The kind where a feeling will come over you for no reason to call someone you haven't talked to in an age?
*Or you think you keep seeing the same person all over, except they don't live in your town anymore and then 3 days later, you run into that person in a coffeehouse?
*Or you have a dream that is so real and you can't shake a sense of foreboding?
*Or a partner who finishes your thoughts/sentences/words for you out of the blue?

What is that and why can't we use and focus it more effectively?

I have had this in varying degrees of "bang on the money" feelings, and "vague through the veil" feelings.

This weekend I was reminded how important it is to respect those feelings... those instincts, and to listen to them.
You may never know why they lead you..but it is the right place!

Sunday, May 3

I am back

Thank you to Donna, clever...oh so clever computer whiz who made my faery page come to life.

So My blog has a new look, I have a new camera...and I can;t stop taking pictures.........more to come. :)

Friday, May 1

Happy World Tiara Day!

It is here...the time of year to wear our tiaras all day and be fabulous.
The furries wanted to give you all a little inspiration

The furries in tiaras...