Wednesday, December 14

reno's OMG what were we thinking

Yes it is the holiday season, but we have hardly noticed. We are up to our elbows in paint, and drywall dust and lighting fixtures....and....and..... ack, it is exhausting.
We are only doing a facelift, how do peeps live with this for months on end?

I will be glad to get my house and life back when the last paint brush is washed.
meantime there is a bath with my name on it.

Thursday, December 8


We have had Flame, our Tortie with tude feline for almost 19 years. She is Abby's kitten and we have known her since she was born in our home.
She is feisty and hissy, loves dogs, hates cats, hates anyone but us, but is really very loving in her own way.

I am writing about her as I realize she does not get mentioned enough in my posts or pics.

Today is the story of Flame and the Banana Cream Pie.

We were having a BBQ.
Invited many friends, potluck style to our home and were enjoying a hot sunny Victoria summer day back in the mid 1990's

One of our guests had brought a huge, I'm talking 4 inch high, home made banana cream pie and had placed it on our kitchen table, waiting to be served.

I was organizing things with Daiv, in and out of the kitchen,  but , I had not seen a pair of flame coloured eyes, gazing longingly at this pie.
I had not seen 4 white socked paws, resting on the chair directly under said pie poised to pounce.
I had not seen the craze this pie had induced in our Flame...
I had not seen, until I walked into the kitchen and spied Flame, knee deep with all four paws IN the pie, face planted in the cream up to the tender furries in her ear.
I had not seen her passion for pie until it was too late.

I remember yelling "FLAAAAAAAAAAAAME NO" only to be met with a steely gaze, whipped cream globs dripping from her whiskers back onto the destroyed pie, looking at me as if to say -
"what, what are you looking at, nothing to see here" - as she gingerly stepped out of the pie, the way a cat walks in snow...step, flick, step flick, throwing dirty looks at me over her shoulder as she flicked pie  and cream from one end of the kitchen to the other.

I have many more stories like this to share, stay tuned.
Flame is in all ways a really cat, who thinks she is a dog.

Tuesday, December 6

A David Giblin original watercolour for sale

I told you to watch this space and tada...
Here is the first offering of David Giblin's latest work.

Framed and matted watercolour on Arches Art Paper- "White Lillies"
18 X 24 inches
Just in time for the holidays

to view it for consideration: email

Monday, December 5

My talented hubby artist

Many of you know I have a tremendously talented partner.
You may not know he has taken time away from his painting in order to teach art to youth on the Autism Spectrum for a few years. He is back at it however, brush in hand, serious focus in his eyes....staring that thoughtful gaze out into the world of light once more.

Some of his work is currently hanging in the homes of Julie Andrews ( yes I really do mean  'Mary Poppins' ), in the private collection of the  Aanenson  Family - owners of Old Dutch Potato Chips,  in the private collection of Mark Jones Senior of Denver Colorado, in the private collection of Tom Curry amongst many others.

He has picked up the  paint brush once more and is offering some of his recent pieces to the world.
I do like to toot a loud horn here as I think his work is exquisite and when you see the depth of colour /texture and atmosphere he achieves whilst using watercolour, I think you will agree.

here is a website showcasing some of his portraits ( including me, yup, "The Russian")

If you are interested in commissioning a portrait, seeing more of his work or simply telling him how fabulous he is , you can reach him through