Monday, January 16

art for heart- a fundraiser for Mosaic Rescue

‘Art for Heart’ offers families a chance to forever capture the spirit of their pooches and aid animals in need.

Click on link for examples of Kim’s animal photography and
contact Janet Land at Mosaic Rescue to set up your pooch’s portrait session -

Friday, January 6

pet photography

It all knew it would happen, and you were right.

I will be creating pet photography art, for a fundraiser for Mosaic Dog rescue "Art for Heart".
more info to come, stay tuned.
meanwhile, an example of my animal photography.

Wednesday, January 4


And poof, just like that it is over. The holiday season, the reno's the drinking and festivities.....back to life, or something close to resembling it.

It was fast and furious,  but in the end, regardless of the insane schedule we kept to get the downstairs reno done, we did indeed enjoy the holidays, our family, friends and time close to home with the furries.

Now the schedule picks up a new pace leading quickly into show season, and not having had the chance to catch much of a breath, this seems daunting today, but soon, this will all be 2012's normal.

What is normal anyway?
Normal is whatever it means to you in your life.

In our world, it means fur is a condiment, pawprints on the hardwood, scripts spewing out of printer, cats meowing their disapproval at their empty food bowls, dogs trying to figure out how to tell us they need to go out, friends in costumes and fancy bevvies,  cars that mostly work, the security of  family and friends in a crisis and the sense of humour to deal with it all as it comes.

2012, a new year, a new season and more of what is normal around here.