Tuesday, April 26

Musings on images

Some of my favourite captures...posting here for your perusal as I wittle down to my top 5....hmmmmm.
comments/critique very welcome.

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Friday, April 22

day 13- pic of your favourite musician or band

Favourite musician you ask?
One answer....only one.



If you had known my sidekick Cindy Loo Hoo and I in the 80s, you would know that every sign post in our hood had a green ink   'I heart Sting' on it.

You would know that 'Dream of the Blue Turtles' was my anthem album and 'If you Love the Russians too" my motto and we listened to it A LOT in Cindy's basement. I still listen to it ....on vinyl.

You would know I could only mumble the words " I think you guys are really hot" out loud when given the opportunity to talk to HIM face to face.
 (Atleast that is how the pathetic sentence sounded in my head, what came out of my mouth through my hyperventilating body was more like ' I thkxsz youzea rawwly haaawwwttttttt' )

Gack, I still blush over the mortification of that one.

Sting let me down on one front though, he married someone else on horseback. I am still in therapy over that. How could he betray me?

Seriously...... I Heart Sting!

Thursday, April 14

day 12- pic of your favourite memory

This was easy and it all is around one thing.....the Volkswagon Van I grew up in.
( click on pics to see larger )

This is my mom 'Mumzie", me and our dog Sinja- circa 1972.

The sun would hit......and we would be gone.....every weekend from May to October camping in and around BC.

The van : a 1963 VW Van complete with purple psychedelic curtains in the windows.

You will notice in this next pic, a tent in the background to the right. When I became too long to sleep width wise in the van I got a pup tent.
I had to put it and tear it down by myself.
This came with a steep learning curve and a lot of frustrated young person moments screaming at tent pegs.

This van and those trips have a LOT of memories.

There was the time  Sinja and her puppies  ( about 10 weeks old ) came camping with us. 
The puppies went exploring in the wee hours.... in the pouring rain.
I must have been about 6 running around Long Beach in the dark, chasing puppies.
I scooped them all up, soaking wet and tucked them deep into my sleeping bag to get dry and warm without alerting the parental units.

-then here was the time my folks sat around the fire in the rain after I had to gone to bed, ( in the tent I had haphazardly put up) and watched, giggling, as the tent  filled up with water and then collapsed on me, sending me spluttering through the nylon disaster, in the dark, to find out what happened.
I was met with a lot of hysterical adults.....harumph, I did not think it was so amusing.

-then there was the time the van wouldn't start in the ferry lineup to Saltspring so Mumzie and Teresa  ( best friend of Mumzie's ) used their charms to get a couple of hippy dudes to crawl under said van and wire together the appropriate wires so we weren't left behind...

then there was the time....well you get the idea...

so many memories...... such a great van. Oh the 70s!

Saturday, April 9

day 11- pic of something you hate

Oppression is the word I come to when I try to conjure up something that instills a feeling of hate inside of me.
Oppression, and all the ugliness, heartache, violence and turmoil that this word represents.

Instead of just a single image to illustrate this, as I think it is individual for all of us, even in the global aspect of the word...I would like to share a video of a beautiful performance art by Kseniya Simonovoa that arose out of an oppressed society to offer a little hope.

Truly breathtaking....
please click link below.

Link to Sandpainting

Thursday, April 7

They grow......they like me, the really like me.

...and the latest update is 4 healthy sprouting lotus ( loti? ) readying for transplant soon to the pond. Perhaps after the freezing nights get warmer though...Brrrrrrr......

The next group of 8 seeds to be happening asap.
Need a Lotus? Doesn't everyone? Talk to me.

Wednesday, April 6

Day 10- a pic of your most treasured item

I must admit, at first it was difficult to pinpoint one item in particular.
I  mean I treasure many things, both abstract and tangible:
- our planet, ( especially through the lens of my camera )
-friends and family
-the sunshine falling through cedars
-the vibrations of the past through the touch of old stones in far away places
-the sound of purring kitty on my shoulder
-a muddy dog with tongue hanging out after a really good run at the lake

I could go on and on but this is asking for one specific item so I will oblige.

There is one thing in my possession now, that I have cherished as long as I remember and it is that 1 thing I treasure above all else. It is what I would take out of a burning house, once Daiv and furries were safe...

It is a tiny Tea House.
 It first made its home in my grandparents house.

Visiting, I would sit on the floor in front of the coffee table and be oh... so... careful.... the joy of all those moving mini shoji screens and removable parts, playing with it for hours.
It is a puzzlebox house - every single teeny piece comes apart...nary a nail.

I would imagine the people living inside, the worlds they came from. I think it was truly my first directing gig...the set, the scene, the players.
I was 4.

It is a piece of history that is tangible and shelters the remembrances of special times visiting Nan and Gramps, of being treated as a grown up with my lime cordial and peak freans, and being trusted to play with the  Tea House. A time of wishes sent to the wishing well in back of their home, of playtimes "doing" Nan's hair while avoiding Ming, the cat.....the mean hissy cat.

After Nan and Grams were gone, I was asked what I wanted to remember them by......that question was easy. The teeny Tea House.

It is a truly treasured item that I am happy to now have in my home, on the mantel.
I still play with it and imagine the people who live there and remember being 4.....and in awe....of the Tea House

Saturday, April 2

Day 9- a pic of the person who has got you through the most

This is easy.....Mumzie .. In a word....she is the best Mumzie ever.

Houston we have lift off...

I woke and wandered sleepy faced to the container holding my lotus seeds to change the water and hope for a miracle and what do my eyes behold?


I did not kill them.......
So excited. One green sprout, and at least one other with a green tip poking through promising to sprout soon.

6 days after scarifying them and placing them in water we have sprout lift off.

Friday, April 1

Things don't look good in lotus town

Please send some love to my little lotus flower seeds.

There is a fuzzy layer around the outside of the pod, that I hear can spell death to seeds.
I will be changing water frequently and leaving under the light....but eeeekkkkk.
All paws are crossed.
The largest white tipped seed does have a sprout showing......so hopeful come on little dudes.

Day 8- Pic of my night...

They did not request a specific night so I am going to add  a picture I took atop Mt. Tolmie during the "super moon" event recently.

A gorgeous and clear night , albeit  F-F-Freezing cold,  high over the city.
David, Niko and I tromp around Victoria with my tripod and camera gear to capture the moon event.

I like this pic of the streets of Victoria, and the headlights of the cars buzzing past.