Thursday, October 13


Sleep curls her fingers across my lashes
Teases and then is gone.
I watch late night tv instead.

Sunday, October 2

Beagle Talk

Okay, I might as well just acknowledge that all my posts are going to have something about the furries in them. I can't help it...they are our family, so I am fessing up and simply stating it so you all know what to expect.

That said...Saffi and Niko have been training together so we may safely let Saffi off her leash to run.
Today we went to our big park and let her go. It is so nerve wracking.....but she was amazing. I called " STOP"at one point as she was heading away fast, and she stopped immediately and sat down......from a distance , waited, I called to come, and she raced to me and sat down at my feet :).

I absolutely credit Connective training and what we are learning.
What a gift to see one flying beagle, ears straight out like rings, running circles around one big goofy sled dog, working to keep up.

Now we are home, they sit at the (now permanent ) beagle gates ( some of you refer to these as baby gates lol ) awaiting their dinners.

Saffi  doing the Snoopy Dance'