Sunday, February 28

day 42-comments

Thank you everyone for dropping by and leaving comments. It is thrilling to see that someone has read and taken the time to offer their thoughts.

Today......whoot....grateful to you!

Monday, February 22

Day 41- the Ocean

Really, it is hard to feel anything but happy and grateful to live on Vancouver Island on a day like this.

Pictures say it all..glorious.

Saturday, February 20

Day 40-Sunshine and Daffodils

Sun beaming bold,
daffodil bright.

I say a quiet thank you to the sky.

Thursday, February 18

day39- Hair-Vagina Monologues

I have been directing theatre for a long time.
I always knew that directing was what I wanted to do, what I longed to do- but I also really love acting.

For me, the hardest part of acting is not being a part of the whole creative vision within the process.
It is like being one piece of a puzzle when you don't have all the puzzle pieces in front of you and trying to find out how you fit.
Directing gives you the whole box of puzzle pieces to play with.
The result of this is I do very little acting these days unless something really calls to me.
A show " The Vagina Monologues" is one that called loudly.

I started by simply auditioning, not knowing anyone involved and soon found myself not only performing, but ass't directing and participating as an acting coach.
All those beautiful pieces of the puzzle shared amongst us.

It was a life changing experience. The people involved, the words, the stories shared with such honesty....
I could go on and on, it was magic.
But that was two years ago...why am I writing this as part of my gratitude series today?

Recently it was brought to my attention that the youtube clip of my performance has been seen by over 22,000 people in the last year.


22,000 PEOPLE! tuning into to me, acting.......unbelievable.

Thank you to Sarah Kramer for posting it a year ago and wow, thank you to all the people who have watched this and beenopen to this amazing work by Eve Ensler.
For someone who considers herself a director first and an actress only something I visit, the validation you all have given me as an actress is amazing, and so graciously recieved.

I am so heartfully proud to have been able to be a part of this, to have the work carry forward through the likes of Youtube and to be involved in a global movement fighting to end all violence against women and children, forever.

Wednesday, February 17

day 38- Sun and Flowers

It is warm, really lovely.
I ventured outside today and noticed little crocus, snowdrops and even daffodils, starting their journey to springtime bloom.
This while the east is under record setting snow falls.
I even heard a few lawnmowers *laughs*.
We are a little more laid back about the growing grass, the lawnmower is still under winter wrappings.

I do like snow, but I am pretty happy about the sun.
Thank you Sun, for, shining down so warmly.
( My snow dance continues however, I can't help it, one good fall before the sun is here to stay )

Flowers and sunshine....a good day.

Tuesday, February 16

Thursday, February 11

The Olympic perspective from the east side...

This is not mine, but it is so eloquently photographed and narrated that I wanted to share.

day 36- hedgehogs

While wallowing in my noisy frustration about Canada's overspending on this months Olympics, ( this involves status updates on FB of disgust, protests on the legislature lawn and yelling at the TV frequently ) I am grateful that something as creamy, hazelnutty-fabulous as a hedgehog exists to help wash away my angst.

Mmmmmmmm.......thanks for the Vday prezzie Mumzie.

Monday, February 8

day 35- Water

I am reminded today, after a conversation with friends about their bevvies of choice, that water is something not everyone can appreciate direct from their tap.
Indeed many walk miles upon miles to a watering hole, less than sanitary and fill up a bucket of this life giving fluid for the day.
We are lucky. This does not get said enough.

I love water and drink a good 3-4 large glasses a day. I pour it straight from my tap into my glass. The taste... clean, full and crisp. I do not drink pop, or most preprocessed juices.
Don't know why, never have really.
Water and fresh juice made with that same water.
Simply nothing else compares.

I am grateful to the water that I reach for in my own kitchen.
( I am also grateful to a fellow photographer who gave me the inspiratation for this photo )

Sunday, February 7

day 34, Micha

Thank you Micha.
This post of yours made me smile the smile that was most needed.

Thursday, February 4

day 33- Frnge

I am sci-fi geek sometimes and tonight is no exception.
This little show "Fringe" is what makes my Thursday complete.

Is it the alternate universe, the science of improbability or simply the dark and creepy locales?

I think perhaps a culmination of all, but I love this show and am grateful I was home in time, (with a warm fire burning and timbits) to take in yet another parallel Universe extravaganza.


Monday, February 1

day 228, 29, 30 and 31- no guilt gratitude

It has been some days since my last post and I realized I was feeling guilty that I hadn't found the time to make it here and post. That won't do, it seriously hampers the ability to be in the moment and to be acknowledging what is in front of you.

I have now shaken my head, given myself a little talking to and remembered that finding something to be thankful for is not necessarily a spectator sport. *smile* and the reason these last few days will remain quiet-without guilt.

For today however, I turn my thoughts to the female artists that have come before, and to whom I am full of gratitude.

Just take a moment and think about what it must have been like for the women in theatre before the the early 1900s. What they must have struggled with to free their art.
Isadora Duncan, Sarah Bernhardt, and even back further with female writers, Jane Austen, the Bronte sisters, George Sands et al.

Without those passionate and determined women, blasting through stereotypes and obstacles, life as we know it in the arts would look much more grim.

One of these women truly speaks to me and has for years. Sarah Bernhardt, one of the leading ladies of theatre, and whom Mucha used as his muse to paint allowing greater exposure for Sarah and her art.

I was lucky enough to wander through a museum of Mucha's works in Prague and brought home a beautiful silk of a painting of Sarah Bernhardt as she appeared for Tosca.
It hangs beside my bed, shining on as a reminder to how far women in the arts have come.