Monday, March 28

The Lotus.....step one- germination

Can I grow my own water lotus and water lilies from seed?
Good freakin question. I know that the cost of these already potted at the nursery is astronomical, so I am endeavoring to try.

I researched and ordered some seeds through a reputable seller on ebay.

My seeds came with a handful of instructions that seem.......well......straight forward enough?

I am going to blog about these growing adventure in the hopes it could help others, that others can comment and help me, and that perhaps we can stick it to the man a bit over the cost of pond plants :)

The water lotus seeds came in these packages...

I am choosing two of each colour to start for a total of 12 plants. These seeds have a very long shelf life, so am hopeful for more in the future.

First it says  you must  scarify or cut into the hard outer shell of the pod.

Hmmm I tried a couple of things....
-exacto knife is recommended to nick the top, ummmm cut the seed in half  'oooops, sorry little lotus' 
( notice the little white bit in front of the knife in pic )....

- a pair of small needle nose pliers and my fairy cheese grater ( so named as it was part of a teeny set of teeny baking utensils given to us by Bruno and Bruce for our Faery Wedding ) finally did the job.

Important to note that I needed to put the seed pod in the round wire cutter part, the needle nosed end simply worked as a great slingshot for the pod *rolls eyes*..

Once each little pod showed a sliver of white, like the inside of a coconut, I placed them in a see through container cleaned with just water ( no soap ) and added warm water to it.

Hmmmm a few are sinking, a few are floating...I have no idea what that means....
I need to change the water twice a day, or as it gets cloudy and keep it about 21 degrees celcius ( 70 for you American peeps )
I hope in 1-4 days, I will see the sprout of a little green stem...

meanwhile the red night flowering water lily tubers simply required being placed in a container of warm water....

Okay everyone.....GROW!!!!!

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