Tuesday, March 30

Hi, day ??????

I can not believe we are looking April in the face all of a sudden. I mean wasn't it just Christmas a blink ago?

I am truly enjoying the early blooming season however. Yay for happy daffodils, pussywillows and magnolia blossoms.

My grateful thought for the day is the happiness felt when sharing it with friends. Share the laughter, the smiles, it simply feels good :)....now pass it on :)

Sunday, March 14

day 44 Daiv and Harlo

Hard to believe this little pussycat only found us a year ago.
She and Daiv have become very tight as you can see, and she continues to show us her goofy, silly and wonderful self, while hanging with her BFF, Nessa.

I am very thankful Harlo came into our world and lightened the mood in our house even further with her hunour.

Monday, March 8

Day 43 ( a little late ..lol )

It truly appears that my 365 days of Gratitude can not possibly be consecutive days.
However, even though time may pass between posts, I think about this everyday..that counts right?

Today after a busy couple of weeks of show prep, audition prep and performance,
I am grateful that fairies and dragons can co exist in my garden, spreading a little magic through the hollows.