Tuesday, February 19

Fabric frenzy

Sunny days remind me that spring is coming. While the rest of Canada is in a deep freeze, we are seeing pussywillows, snowdrops, the green of daffodils and all signs that spring is on the way.

This always makes me want to decorate and re arrange things, and generally get all 'nesty'.
This year I found the happiest fabric from Michael Miller's Magnolia lane Collection by Laura Gunn.

It took some doing to find enough material for me, as it is out of print and out of stock everywhere, but I was able to order enough ( and on sale...yippee  ) to make bedroom curtains, a small quilt ( in progress ) and pillows.

I am very pleased with the result. Our bedroom wall colour is a silvery green, taken from the Eucalyptus tree outside and hard to match colours to. This fabric just makes everything sunny.

I blame our new tenants for this fabric frenzy, as  searching for the perfect fabric to upholster their kitchen chairs before they moved in, started my decorating plans.
I found the most beautiful vintage cherry fabric for them and the chairs look awesome in their kitchen if I do say so myself.

What does spring stir in you?

Thursday, February 14

1 Billion Rising

Today is Valentine's day, a day of lovers and friendships. In 2008 however, this day changed forever for me to V-Day.
The day to speak out in support of ending violence against women and children, once and for all time.

I was part of the production team of the Vagina Monologues as well as an actor within the play. I am very proud to have helped to raise $30 000 for the Women's Transition House here in Victoria.
You can not experience this show and not be different for ever. It is powerful and entirely transformational.
The Vagina Warriors I worked with, that is me in the red hat ( photo credit:  Sarah Kramer )

Today a movement has taken off from this:  '1 Billion Rising', and people are taking to the streets all over the world to dance, and say ENOUGH!

Here is a link to the live coverage from the Guardian, from all over the world as we rise up and dance in the streets.

1 Billion Rising Globally
I hope you have found a local group to dance with today and that we can dance in celebration for years to come as we end the atrocities known to women and girls, globally.

Wednesday, February 13

Dreaming of Traveling Shoes

I am having seriously itchy, travel feet.
It is difficult to believe my last big adventure was in the fall/winter of 2008 to Europe. How did that happen? I had such big plans to go back and see more...... I really need to see more.

I even started a travel blog to help other women who fall through the cracks of the travel guide books,  that I had all but forgotten about til today.

This is the travel blog... http://travelinshoos.blogspot.ca/

I will live vicariously through your adventures for now. Perhaps you would like to drop me a note and tell me something you have learned along the way of your own travels.

Tuesday, February 12

Valentines day....yup we all know lovers and love etc etc.
 I will think of it forever as V Day however, and am yelling about ending violence against women and children, everywhere forever. Are you part of the rise up  movement yet?


Wednesday, February 6

Dog tease

I have watched the youtube clip of a  lovely grey muzzled dog hoping, hoping, hoping, he will taste a little bacon, and then watched as his hopes were dashed over and over. Poor guy....... ( I am sure he got  many treats after filming  ) so Niko, Saffi, David and I put a little something together to show how we think it should have ended.

The Great Bacon Dog Tease

Monday, February 4


Ha, bet the title caught your attention.

I am actually talking about spoons today.

 I recently was invited to participate in a birthday gathering at a local paint your ceramics place.
Having only really taken this type of project on in the distant past, when I quit smoking, which I  really do not recommend as the bisqueware is ummm .....fragile  ( ack are you getting the picture here? ) I was pleasantly surprised at what a fun and relaxing time I had what a great social time it was, and I actually created something I like and needed for our kitchen.

Ceramic parties..... I like them. Can we add wine would be my next question?

I may go forth and do some tiles this way for a backsplash in the future.

Tada... my dragonfly spoon rest.

Oh and in case you are wondering, that pot is holding perhaps the best butternut squash and lentil soup on the planet.  Curry lentil and butternut squash soup ( I added coconut milk instead of cream )

Sunday, February 3

hello Blogger, nice to see you

It has been quite awhile since I have laid the proverbial pen to paper here on my blog.

The fall/winter really knocked the wind out of us and surviving 2012 was the goal. Anything beyond that seemed a bit too much. Saying a final goodbye to close friends, my Grandma and our beautiful kitties, Nessa and Flame, combined with Daiv getting settled into a new job situation, every appliance in our home giving up the ghost, and life just being mean kept us laying low and trying to stay out of trouble

We have now turned a better corner and 2013 has so far offered up a much more energized and hopeful platter of possibilities.

I am going to keep this brief but plan to be around here a little more often.

Nice to see you all here in 2013. Drop me a line anytime.