Saturday, January 29

A great shopping site in Morrocco

Okay, so you may know I really like  traveling the world, and yet ..sigh... here I am stuck on my island perch.
Therefore I scan markets on the internet for groovy fair trade things and bring the world to me. Occasionally I find something I want to share.
Is a place I have found and want to tell the world about. It is helping children receive an education, dental health, school supplies etc
Check out the site, read 'our story' and do a little scoping through their items.
I like this and the woman that started it.

Saturday, January 15


So this staying at home thing is wearing thin, and even though I have no energy to speak of, I can follow the cats about  once in a while and catch their goofiness.
Nothing fancy, just a little moment in time when Harlo thinks it is time for elevensies and Nessa wonders why she was woken up from her nap.

Thursday, January 13

Home sick but entertained

I hate being sick.  I always feel so defeated by my body.
However, once in awhile something comes along to make me laugh, even when feeling like a dark mud puddle....

I thought I would share it with you.
'Booba's New Shoes'

this 'cat vs printer' is also right up there....

Monday, January 3


Okay....I just don't get it.
 Once upon a time, there were purebreds and mutts.

The mutts were, and are, awesome dogs. The purebreds with their papers, and strict breeding requirements, could be pricey, but that is the way it was.

Shorkey ( yorkie and schnauser X)
Chugs ( pug and chihuahua X )
labradoodle ( Okay I get this ....they have become a breed )
malti-poms ( pomeranian and maltese )
and one place offering....Cockapoo’s, Shih-tzu-poo’s, Yorkie-poo’s, Peke-a-poo’s. Pom-poo’s
ummmmmmm SAY IT WITH ME PEOPLE- mutts!

These are all going for serious dollars and it seems every 'Dog, Digger and Harry' are selling mutts for upwards of $500.00

Now don't get me wrong, you should be able to afford a dog, and paying for a puppy is part of that....but Come Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

Mutts are mutts.
I for one, would like to re-establish the importance of the word 'mutt' in our vocabulary and stop home breeders from procreating their pets as  their own golden cash cow.

Rescue a dog from your local rescue...they do good work, you save a mutt, the money goes back to help them do more good things for animal kind.

Sunday, January 2

It's a new year.

Welcome 2011.

I am thinking back on the past year, and realizing that while  happy and successful, there was not much breathing time. Therefore, 2011 will be the year of balance.

More time for friends and family, more time to spend on photography and music.....more balance.
I am saying this now so there is evidence and when show season hits, remind me I said this please :)

Now back to chasing frost on berries with my macro lens.