Wednesday, August 19

It has been a while, tag you are it.

I can't believe how long it has been since I wrote here.

Well, it has been a particularly busy summer.
Much happening in the world of theatre and friends and family to keep me preoccupied and off the computer.

What I would like to ask you all now is..

"How did you spend your summer vacation?"

A few lines in the comment area of what your fave moments were would be lovely.

Me??? why funny you should ask.

Summer was spent in theatre camp craziness with Comedia Dell'Arte and The Shadows Project, in pre production for two other shows, and many lazy days poolside, beachside and deckside with Mojitos. Gardening has not been without it sfruits of labour either...mmmmmm zuchini, squash mmmm.

It has also seen a reunifying of friendships, family and furry time and the exciting plans of good friends who are about to get hitched.

It is going by in a dizzying blur however, time to take stock and make every last moment count.

Your turn...

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