Monday, March 18

There be faeries at the bottom of our garden- faery doors

Our little workshop here at Seachild Inc  , is welcoming the wee folk.

A few years ago we had the idea to give Faery Doors for xmas pressies to a few friends. David made these, hand carved out of cedar and they were a big hit.
Since then many times people have asked us where they could get them, so we have decided to make a few doors on order, and share them a little further.
This is a pic of the first of the new prototypes.

Cedar is hand carved with copper leaf hinges, seashell door knobs and of course a wee shell with sparkly copper to leave offerings for the Fey in, by the door.

Should you wish to make the Fey welcome in your home or garden simply drop a line to Each door is custom made upon order for $20.00.
 Paypal accepted and we can ship almost everywhere.

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