Monday, June 17

Happy 2 year Anniversary Saffron Monsoon

2 years ago, we opened our hearts and home to a little beagle from Arkansas, through Mosaic Rescue. She was a sad-hearted girl who had already had quite a life at 3 years of age.

She been found by a high kill shelter on the streets of Little Rock.
When animal control tried to capture her she led them on a chase to another dog who had been hit by a car and needed attention before she would let them put a leash on her. Saffron the Hero!

At the shelter she was found to have heart worm. She was scheduled to be killed, without hope for treatment. 
Through their partnership with Mosaic Rescue,  Last Chance Arkansas rescued her from a death sentence, fostered her and gave her the love and medical treatment she needed to be adoptable, over almost 6 months. Then she boarded a plane and came to the coast with Janet Land of Mosaic Rescue

Her eyes and spirit captured us, and we knew she was our girl. 

It took her time to look us squarely in the eyes, and feel comfortable trusting us, but she bonded immediately with her big Canadian Boyfriend 'Niko'

She knew instinctively she was safe with him, always. They were, and are, inseparable.

Saffi's first Pride parade.

Saffron opens up more and more, showing her thoroughly silly Saffiness, and not afraid to show you her belly

She is not very noisy, an unusual thing for a beagle, but she loves to lift her voice in a group howl with Niko. We think she may believe she is a husky, in small stature.

She also really loves to be in long grass, running, running, running, leaping and frolicking.

She has a beagle friend named Kira ( on the right ) who was adopted by friends from Mosaic Rescue as well. A couple of southern belles.

As much as she loves and adores Niko, she loves and worships David even more. He was her soul friend right away and he was besotted from first glance.

Coffee dates at Mocha House.

The southern belle loves snow.

When we finally felt her recall training was solid, she was able to run free.  Her joy is evident and her recall is spectacular, especially for a beagle. Thanks Connective Training for teaching us the tools that brought us here.

Surf and turf is her favourite way to spend time at the beach. Only the freshest crab will do.

Sillier and siller Saffi emerges.

The beagle nose is a beautiful thing to behold.

Today, relaxed and happy, gazing deeply into our eyes.....we can not imagine our home ever having been without her. 
Happy 2nd Anniversary Miss Saffron Monsoon.


  1. Two years? Really? Already? This post makes me smile with the sheer joy of watching her emerge from the frightened shell of 2 years ago. Happy homecoming to ALL of you!


    1. Thank you Karen. it is amazing how the time rolls along :) She is just perfection.


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