Wednesday, October 10

Dear friends, old and new

This is a bittersweet post. I will keep it shortish and to the point.

A few weeks ago we said goodbye to our dear 19 yr old cat, 'Flame'.
A sad day, but not unexpected.
She brought all kinds of crazy to our lives and is remembered lovingly  with a smile and a giggle.

The next day however, our 6 yr old faery girl 'Nessa' was hit by a car, and taken from us instantly.

A loss that enveloped us, and a shock that was just awful. She was such a special and magical creature.
We will miss her little faery self everyday. 2 members of our family , gone in two days. Unbelievable.

 I will share a true tribute to  the specialness that was/is Nessa the Faery cat, one day ( I am writing her story ) but for now the best tribute we could think of was to honor her and Flame's memories with love and light, and not with the deep sadness they left, and  that Nessa would not have wanted to create.
We listened to her whispers and opened up our hearts to the idea of a needing kitten.

In true Nessa faery cat fashion..she worked a little serendipidous magic full of signs and nudges, and quickly sent us a kitten, full of joy and light and laughter, that has wiggled into our hearts and shone a little light into the dark places left behind.

'Gable', as he is now known has helped a home to find balance, offered a paw of friendship to our one remaining cat ' Harlo ' who was more confused than any of us, and befriended the dogs as if he has always been here.

Turns out he is from the same rescue and even the same feral colony that Nessa came from. I know Nessa and Flame have their paws all over his arrival.

So...... we have grieved and said our goodbyes and continue to deal with that, but we also say hello little one, welcome to your new home.
And a new chapter begins.

a little Gable at home slideshow is here
Gable and the furries, slideshow

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  1. Welcome sweet Gable! He looks like a fun and wise little guy:)


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