Sunday, February 3

hello Blogger, nice to see you

It has been quite awhile since I have laid the proverbial pen to paper here on my blog.

The fall/winter really knocked the wind out of us and surviving 2012 was the goal. Anything beyond that seemed a bit too much. Saying a final goodbye to close friends, my Grandma and our beautiful kitties, Nessa and Flame, combined with Daiv getting settled into a new job situation, every appliance in our home giving up the ghost, and life just being mean kept us laying low and trying to stay out of trouble

We have now turned a better corner and 2013 has so far offered up a much more energized and hopeful platter of possibilities.

I am going to keep this brief but plan to be around here a little more often.

Nice to see you all here in 2013. Drop me a line anytime.


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