Thursday, February 14

1 Billion Rising

Today is Valentine's day, a day of lovers and friendships. In 2008 however, this day changed forever for me to V-Day.
The day to speak out in support of ending violence against women and children, once and for all time.

I was part of the production team of the Vagina Monologues as well as an actor within the play. I am very proud to have helped to raise $30 000 for the Women's Transition House here in Victoria.
You can not experience this show and not be different for ever. It is powerful and entirely transformational.
The Vagina Warriors I worked with, that is me in the red hat ( photo credit:  Sarah Kramer )

Today a movement has taken off from this:  '1 Billion Rising', and people are taking to the streets all over the world to dance, and say ENOUGH!

Here is a link to the live coverage from the Guardian, from all over the world as we rise up and dance in the streets.

1 Billion Rising Globally
I hope you have found a local group to dance with today and that we can dance in celebration for years to come as we end the atrocities known to women and girls, globally.

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