Tuesday, February 19

Fabric frenzy

Sunny days remind me that spring is coming. While the rest of Canada is in a deep freeze, we are seeing pussywillows, snowdrops, the green of daffodils and all signs that spring is on the way.

This always makes me want to decorate and re arrange things, and generally get all 'nesty'.
This year I found the happiest fabric from Michael Miller's Magnolia lane Collection by Laura Gunn.

It took some doing to find enough material for me, as it is out of print and out of stock everywhere, but I was able to order enough ( and on sale...yippee  ) to make bedroom curtains, a small quilt ( in progress ) and pillows.

I am very pleased with the result. Our bedroom wall colour is a silvery green, taken from the Eucalyptus tree outside and hard to match colours to. This fabric just makes everything sunny.

I blame our new tenants for this fabric frenzy, as  searching for the perfect fabric to upholster their kitchen chairs before they moved in, started my decorating plans.
I found the most beautiful vintage cherry fabric for them and the chairs look awesome in their kitchen if I do say so myself.

What does spring stir in you?

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