Monday, February 4


Ha, bet the title caught your attention.

I am actually talking about spoons today.

 I recently was invited to participate in a birthday gathering at a local paint your ceramics place.
Having only really taken this type of project on in the distant past, when I quit smoking, which I  really do not recommend as the bisqueware is ummm .....fragile  ( ack are you getting the picture here? ) I was pleasantly surprised at what a fun and relaxing time I had what a great social time it was, and I actually created something I like and needed for our kitchen.

Ceramic parties..... I like them. Can we add wine would be my next question?

I may go forth and do some tiles this way for a backsplash in the future.

Tada... my dragonfly spoon rest.

Oh and in case you are wondering, that pot is holding perhaps the best butternut squash and lentil soup on the planet.  Curry lentil and butternut squash soup ( I added coconut milk instead of cream )

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